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Haut Moyen Age
SASSIER, Yves et FALKOWSKI, Wojciech (dir.):
Confiance, bonne foi, fidélité: la notion de fides dans la vie des sociétés médiévales (VIe-XVe siècles).
Rencontres 364
[Classiques Garnier] Paris, 2018. in-8. 389 p. Index. br.
7,570円(税込) 9782406079002
Ont participé à cet ouvrage : Prof. Osamu Kano, Nagoya University et al.
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LE JAN, Régine, BÜHRER-THIERRY, Geneviève & GASPARRI, Stefano (ed.):
Coopétition: Rivaliser, coopérer dans les sociétés du haut Moyen Âge (500-1100).
Haut Moyen Âge 31
[Brepols] Turnhout, 2018. in-8. 424 p. ill. pap.
15,520円(税込) 9782503576343
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POHL, Walter, DIESENBERGER, Maximilian & ZELLER, Bernhard (hg.):
Neue Wege der Frühmittelalterforschung. Bilanz und Perspektiven.
Forschungen zur Geschichte des Mittelalters 22
[VÖAW] Vienna, 2018. in-4. 467 p. br.
19,210円(税込) 9783700181552
Vienna today is an intersection of international early medieval research, where source-led approaches to identities and the formation of ethnic groups, the transformation of the Roman world, and central Europe in the Carolingian period are pursued. Herwig Wolfram is to be thanked especially for the establishment of this research direction, who as Professor for Medieval History and the Historical Auxiliary Sciences at the University of Vienna developed new approaches in the treatment of these subjects and pioneered new routes in early medieval studies. The contributions in this volume revolve around issues which, following Herwig Wolfram, have stood at the centre of the interests of early medieval research in Vienna, and have been received and further developed at an international scale. These horizons have frequently been widened: from ethnogenesis to identity research, from Carolingian Salzburg and Bavaria to a broadening investigation of the Carolingian period and its transformation, or from diplomatics to a wider social history embedded in documentary research. In this volume, contributors from the Viennese early medieval research community together with distinguished guests reflect over the current state of research and future directions. In so doing, neighbouring disciplines such as Philology, Archaeology and Art History become incorporated and emphasise the dynamics of interdisciplinary early medieval studies. Altogether, this volume offers an overview of the central questions of the foundations of medieval Europe between 400 and 1000, which are addressed here especially within the framework of a transboundary history of Central Europe.

BIANCHI, Giovanna, LAZZARRI, Tiziana & LA ROCCA, Maria Cristina (ed.):
Spazio pubblico e spazio privato: Tra storia e archeologia (secoli VI-XI).
Seminari del Centro interuniversitario per la storia e l’archeologia dell’alto medioevo 7
[Brepols] Turnhout, 2018. in-8. 383 p. ill. Index. hard.
14,550円(税込) 9782503581040
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Vous avez dit barbares?: archéologie des temps mérovingiens en Normandie, Ve-VIIIe siècles. Exposition, Caen, Musée de Normandie, du 15 juin 2018 au 6 janvier 2019.
[Snoeck] Gand, 2018. in-4. 200 p. ill. rel.
4,850円(税込) 9789461614544
La date du 31 décembre 406 marque le début des grandes invasions avec l'entrée en Gaule de troupes armées de barbares. Cette exposition revient sur les actions et les représentations associées aux barbares s'interrogeant par exemple sur leur rôle dans la chute de l'Empire romain ou sur le portrait peu flatteur que les Romains donnent d'eux.

DESWARTE, Thomas, HERVERS, Klaus et SIRANTOINE, Hélène (éd.):
Epistola. Vol. 1, Ecriture et genre épistolaires: IVe-XIe siècles.
Collection de la Casa de Velazquez
[Casa de Velazquez] Madrid, 2018. in-8. 362 p. br.
4,850円(税込) 9788490961667
Etudie le genre épistolaire comme fait culturel durant la fin de l'Antiquité et le haut Moyen Age européens. Fait appel aux études épistolographiques pour comprendre les stratégies littéraires de ce genre avant que les règles de la rhétorique classique ne soient fixées et qui rassemble aussi bien des missives personnelles que des lettres pontificales.

GABRIELE, Matthew & PALMER, James T. (ed.):
Apocalypse and Reform from Late Antiquity to the Middle Ages.
[Routledge] London, 2018. in-8. 234 p.
pap. 5,310円(税込) 9781138684041
hard 26,550円(税込) 9781138684027
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PRICE, Neil:
The Vikings.
Peoples of the Ancient World
[Routledge] London, 2018. in-8. 192 p.
pap. 7,070円(税込) 9780415343503
hard 24,780円(税込) 9780415343497
The Vikings provides a concise but comprehensive introduction to the complex world of the early medieval Scandinavians. In the space of less than 300 years from the late eighth to the late eleventh centuries CE, people from what are now Norway, Sweden and Denmark left their homelands in unprecedented numbers to travel across the then-known world. Over the last half-century archaeology and its related disciplines have radically altered our understanding of this period, and beyond the stereotypical Viking raider we can now perceive a cosmopolitan mix of traders and warriors, craftsworkers and poets, explorers and colonists. Over the course of the Viking Age, their small-scale rural, tribal societies gradually became urbanised monarchies firmly emplaced on the stage of literate, Christian Europe. In the process they transformed the cultures of the North, created the modern Nordic nation states and left a far-flung diaspora with legacies that still resonate today.

This volume explores the society and economy, identity and world-views of the Scandinavian peoples, and their unique religious beliefs that are still of enduring interest a millennium later. The Viking expansion is discussed in detail, including analyses of its origin and consequences for a vast area stretching from the Asian steppe to North America, culminating in the long-term reshaping of Scandinavia itself. Written by one of the leading experts in the period, this book presents students with an unrivalled guide through this widely studied and fascinating subject, revealing the Vikings as a sophisticated civilisation of fundamental importance for the later course of European history.

Gegenwart schreiben im 10. Jahrhundert: Deutungen der eigenen Zeit in Rathers "Meditationes" und in Attos "Polipticum".
Europa im Mittelalter 30
[De Gruyter] Berlin, 2018. in-8. 440 p. hard.
19,390円(税込) 9783110555141
This is a study of a single riddle as it is transmitted, translated, and transformed over more than a thousand years. Beginning with the influential late-antique riddle text Aenigmata Symphosii, In enigmate charts an arc through the extraordinary popularity of riddles in Anglo-Saxon England, their decline as a learned literary form after the Norman conquest, their emergence in early modern ballads, and beyond. At the center of this study is the Creation riddle, perhaps the best-known riddle in early England. Versions of it survive in both popular and elite literature, and because it is constructed around an enigmatic description of Creation, it reveals changing cosmological and cosmographical conceptions as it is retold and reimagined. Even those versions composed by theologians often display a tension between the author's theological understandings (as attested in 'scholarly' works) and what they seem to have actually imagined. More interesting, perhaps, are popular versions of the riddle, which offer a glimpse of how Creation was imagined outside the scholarly class. Together, the iterations of this riddle represent a unique opportunity to study the imaginary geography of medieval society as it changed over time.

BEDON, Robert et MAVÉRAUD-TARDIVEAU, Hélène (éd.):
Divinités et cultes: dans les campagnes de la Gaule romaine et des régions voisines: du Ier siècle avant notre ère au IVe siècle de notre ère. publié par le Centre de recherches André Piganiol et le Centre de recherche Espaces humains et interactions culturelles.
Caesarodunum 49
[PULIM] Limoges, 2018. in-8. 407 p. ill. cartes. Bibliogr. br.
5,820円(税込) 9782842877880
Contents :

CARTE ARCHÉOLOGIQUE DE LA GAULE: Vol. 01-2, L'Ain. par André Buisson. pré-inventaire archéologique publié sous la responsabilité de Michel Provost.
[Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres] Paris, 2018. 2e éd. in-4. 400 p. ill. Bibliogr. Index. br.
7,760円(税込) 9782877543637
Un pré-inventaire des découvertes archéologiques de l'âge du fer au début du Moyen Age, dans le département de l'Ain.

CARTE ARCHÉOLOGIQUE DE LA GAULE: Vol. 93, Seine-Saint-Denis. par Cyrille Ben Kaddour, Johann Blanchard, Paul Celly et al. ss. la dir. de Claude Héron. pré-inventaire archéologique publié sous la responsabilité de Michel Provost.
[Académie des inscriptions et belles-lettres / Maison des sciences de l'homme] Paris, 2018. in-8. 381 p. ill. cartes. br.
7,760円(税込) 9782877543668
Un pré-inventaire des découvertes archéologiques dans le département de la Seine-Saint-Denis, notamment autour de la basilique de Saint-Denis ainsi que dans les environs des communes de Bobigny et de Tremblay-en-France.

GALLIA, ARCHÉOLOGIE DES GAULES: No. 74-1, Agglomérations, vici et castra du nord de la Gaule entre Antiquité tardive et début du haut Moyen Age. ss. la dir. de Michel Kasprzyk et Martial Monteil.
[CNRS] Paris, 2018. in-4. 308 p. ill. cartes. br.
11,450円(税込) 9782271117687
Douze contributions consacrées aux agglomérations secondaires du nord de la Gaule, montrant les occupations nouvellement créées et la transformation de l'aspect, des fonctions et des réseaux des agglomérations qui existaient à la fin du Haut-Empire.

GALLIA, ARCHÉOLOGIE DES GAULES: No. 74-2, ss. la dir. de Martial Monteil.
[CNRS] Paris, 2018. in-4. 208 p. Bibliogr. br.
9,510円(税込) 9782271117694
Contents :

GARCIA, Michael M.:
The Cult of Saints in Late Antique Britain.
Early Britain and the North Atlantic
[Amsterdam U.P.] Amsterdam, 2018. in-8. 190 p. hard.
18,590円(税込) 9789089648228
Though an interdisciplinary approach, utilising both textual and archaeological evidence, this study examines the cult of the saints in late antique Britain, asking when and why this novel development was introduced and the subsequent impact of the Anglo-Saxon conversion to Christianity on native British cults.
Contrary to previous interpretations, the cult of the saints emerged in Britain only in the fifth and sixth centuries, parallel to its development in mainland Europe. Presenting new, insightful, and significant information about the history of Christianity in Britain, this study integrates Britain into the Late Antiquity paradigm and successfully brings archaeological and historical evidence into dialogue with one another.

HINGLEY, Richard:
Londinium: A Biography: Roman London from Its Origins to the Fifth Century. Illustrated by Christina Unwin.
[Bloomsbury] New York, 2018. in-8. 400 p. ill. Bibliogr. Index.
pap. 6,190円(税込) 9781350047297
hard 18,050円(税込) 9781350047303
This major new work on Roman London brings together the many new discoveries of the last generation and provides a detailed overview of the city from before its foundation in the first century to the fifth century AD. Richard Hingley explores the archaeological and historical evidence for London under the Romans, assessing the city in the context of its province and the wider empire. He explores the multiple functions of Londinium over time, considering economy, industry, trade, status and urban infrastructure, but also looking at how power, status, gender and identity are reflected through the materiality of the terrain and waterscape of the evolving city. A particular focus of the book is the ritual and religious context in which these activities occurred. Hingley looks at how places within the developing urban landscape were inherited and considers how the history and meanings of Londinium built upon earlier associations from its recent and ancient past.

As well as drawing together a much-needed synthesis of recent scholarship and material evidence, Hingley offers new perspectives that will inspire future debate and research for years to come. This volume not only provides an accessible introduction for undergraduate students and anyone interested in the ancient city of London, but also an essential account for more advanced students and scholars.

MALINGUE, Guillaume:
The Coinage of Domitius Alexander, 308-310 AD.
Numismatica Antiqua 9
[Ausonius] Pessac, 2018. in-4. ill. Bibliogr. br.
6,790円(税込) 9782356132314
Lucius Domitius Alexander, Vicar of Africa rebelled against Maxentius, and proclaimed Emperor by his troops, ruled between 308 and 310 A.D. His reign, poorly documented, has never been deeply studied, and his coins, extremely rare and widely forged suffered the same shortage. This study has therefore the double purpose to re-examine in detail all historical aspects of the reign (dates, extent and context) as well as numismatic questions (types, political meaning of reverses, chronology and volumes of strikes). It is highlighting, for instance, the originality and rich diversity of Domitius Alexander’s production. It also shows the very special links between Carthage’s mint and the first issues of solidi in Trier, which chronology should probably be reviewed and placed a few months before the generally accepted dates. The study then provide a new catalog of types in replacement of the outdated RIC, a corpus of the 205 known coins ( genuine coins as well as forgeries), a corpus of identified dies and their links, and finally a detailed inventory of inscriptions in Domitius Alexander’s name.

MARMODORO, Anna & CARTWRIGHT, Sophie (ed.):
A History of Mind and Body in Late Antiquity.
[Cambridge U.P.] Cambridge, 2018. in-8. XI-428 p. Bibliogr. Index. hard.
17,170円(税込) 9781107181212
Contents :

MARZANO, Annalisa & MÉTRAUX, Guy P. R. (éd.):
The Roman Villa in the Mediterranean Basin: Late Republic to Late Antiquity.
[Cambridge U.P.] Cambridge, 2018. in-4. 634 p. ill. maps. Bibliogr. Index. hard.
31,860円(税込) 9781107164314
Contents :

MÉREL-BRANDENBURG, Anne-Bénédicte (ed.):
Le baptistère Saint-Jean au sein du groupe épiscopal du Puy-en-Velay.
Bibliothèque de l'Antiquité Tardive 34
[Brepols] Turnhout, 2018. in-4. 352 p. ill. Bibliogr. br.
16,490円(税込) 9782503570280
Contents :

O'HARA, Alexander:
Jonas of Bobbio and the Legacy of Columbanus: Sanctity and Community in the Seventh Century.
Oxford Studies in Late Antiquity
[Oxford U.P.] Oxford, 2018. in-8. 344 p. ill. Bibliogr. hard.
15,050円(税込) 9780190858001
Jonas of Bobbio, writing in the mid seventh century, was not only a major Latin monastic author, but also an historical figure in his own right. Born in the ancient Roman town of Susa in the foothills of the Italian Alps, he became a monk of Bobbio, the monastery founded by the Irish exile Columbanus, soon after his death in 615. He became the archivist and personal assistant to successive Bobbio abbots, travelled to Rome to obtain the first papal privilege of immunity, and served as a missionary priest on the northern borderlands of the Frankish kingdom. He spent the rest of his life in Merovingian Gaul as abbot of the double monastic community of Marchiennes-Hamage, where he wrote his Life of Columbanus, one of the most influential works of early medieval hagiography.

This book, the first major study devoted to Jonas of Bobbio, his corpus of three saints' Lives, and the Columbanian familia, explores the development of the Columbanian monastic network and its relationship to its founder. The Life of Columbanus was written following a period of crisis within the Columbanian familia and it was in response to this crisis that the Bobbio community in Lombard Italy commissioned Jonas to write the work. Alexander O'Hara presents the Life of Columbanus as a subtle and clever critique of the changes and crises that had taken place in the monastic communities since Columbanus's death. It also considers the life of Jonas as reflecting many of the changing political, cultural, and religious circumstances of the seventh century, and his writings as instrumental in shaping new concepts of sanctity and community. The result of the study is a unique perspective on the early medieval Age of Saints and the monastic and political worlds of Merovingian Gaul and Lombard Italy in the seventh century.

Les boutiques d'Ostie: l'économie urbaine au quotidien: Ier siècle av. J.-C.-Ve siècle apr. J.-C.
Collection de l'Ecole française de Rome 537
[Ecole française de Rome] Roma, 2018. in-4. 310 p. ill. cartes. Bibliogr. Index. br.
7,570円(税込) 9782728312948
Version remaniée d'une thèse, cette étude analyse les mutations de l'économie d'Ostie dues à l'aménagement du port de Claude. Elles sont visibles dans l'architecture des boutiques et dans l'importance grandissante des métiers du port, de la mer et de la construction. La recomposition de l'économie ostienne autour d'enjeux locaux et régionaux dès le IIIe siècle après J.-C. est également abordée.

SESSA, Kristina:
Daily Life in Late Antiquity.
[Cambridge U.P.] Cambridge, 2018. in-8. X-250 p. ill. maps. Index.
pap. 5,310円(税込) 9780521148405
hard 17,700円(税込) 9780521766104
Daily Life in Late Antiquity is the first comprehensive study of lived experience in the Late Roman Empire, from c.250–600 CE. Each of the six topical chapters highlight historical 'everyday' people, spaces, and objects, whose lives operate as windows into the late ancient economy, social relations, military service, religious systems, cultural habits, and the material environment. However, it is nevertheless grounded in late ancient primary sources - many of which are available in accessible English translations - and the most recent, cutting-edge scholarship by specialists in fields such as archaeology, social history, religious studies, and environmental history. From Manichean rituals to military service, gladiatorial combat to garbage collection, patrician households to peasant families, Daily Life in Late Antiquity introduces readers to the world of late antiquity from the bottom up.

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