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La Révolution à Marseille: 1789-1794. présenté et annoté par Georges Reynaud. Av.-pr. David Gaussen.
[Gaussen] Marseille, 2018. in-8. 429 p.-8 pl. ill. Bibliogr. Index. br.
4,660円(税込) 9782356981080
Retranscription du manuscrit de Paul Gaffarel consacré à l'histoire de la Révolution française à Marseille, abordant ses différents phases, de la convocation des Etats généraux à la Terreur. Cette édition est complétée d'une étude portant sur la vie et sur l'oeuvre de l'historien (1843-1920).

Cognition et ordre social chez Sieyès: penser les possibles.
[Kimé] Paris, 2018. in-8. 288 p. Bibliogr. br.
5,240円(税込) 9782841748921
Une étude consacrée à la conception sieyèsienne du travail, de l'esprit social et de l'ordre politique, avec en son centre la figure du législateur.

LECLERCQ, Alain et LUYTENS, Daniel-Charles:
Talleyrand, les derniers secrets.
[Jourdan] Waterloo, 2018. in-8. 211 p. br.
3,860円(税込) 9782874665066
Un décryptage des Mémoires du prince de Talleyrand, cherchant à éclaircir leur origine contestée et à percer à jour la personnalité de cet homme d’Etat et diplomate français.

Thomas Paine and the French Revolution.
[Palgrave Macmillan] London, 2018. in-8. IX-321 p. hard.
17,700円(税込) 9783319752884
This book explores Thomas Paine's French decade, from the publication of the first part of Rights of Man in the spring of 1791 to his return trip to the United States in the fall of 1802. It examines Paine's multifarious activities during this period as a thinker, writer, member of the French Convention, lobbyist, adviser to French governments, officious diplomat and propagandist. Using previously neglected sources and archival material, Carine Lounissi demonstrates both how his republicanism was challenged, bolstered and altered by this French experience, and how his positions at key moments of the history of the French experiment forced major participants in the Revolution to defend or question the kind of regime or of republic they wished to set up. As a member of the Lafayette circle when writing the manuscript of Rights of Man, of the Girondin constellation in the Convention, one of the few democrats who defended universal suffrage after Thermidor, and as a member of the Constitutional Circle which promoted a kind of republic which did not match his ideas, Paine baffled his contemporaries and still puzzles the present-day scholar. This book intends to offer a new perspective on Paine, and on how this major agent of revolutions contributed to the debate on the French Revolution both in France and outside France.

SMYTH, Jonathan:
Robespierre and the Festival of the Supreme Being: The Search for a Republican Morality.
Studies in Modern French History
[Manchester U.P.] Manchester, 2018. in-8. 216 p. Index. pap.
4,880円(税込) 9781526103796
Explores Robespierre's vision and the events held across France on this day, which he declared a national day of celebration to inaugurate the state religion of the new French Republic, the Cult of the Supreme Being. It redefines the importance of the Festival in the development of the Revolution.

Sans-Culottes: An Eighteenth-Century Emblem in the French Revolution.
[Princeton U.P] Princeton, 2018. in-8. 512 p. pap.
7,070円(税込) 9780691180809
This is a bold new history of the sans-culottes and the part they played in the French Revolution. It tells for the first time the real story of the name now usually associated with urban violence and popular politics during the revolutionary period. By doing so, it also shows how the politics and economics of the revolution can be combined to form a genuinely historical narrative of its content and course. To explain how an early eighteenth-century salon society joke about breeches and urbanity was transformed into a republican emblem, Sans-Culottes examines contemporary debates about Ciceronian, Cynic, and Cartesian moral philosophy, as well as subjects ranging from music and the origins of government to property and the nature of the human soul. By piecing together this now forgotten story, Michael Sonenscher opens up new perspectives on the Enlightenment, eighteenth-century moral and political philosophy, the thought of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, and the political history of the French Revolution itself.

VARLAN, Olivier:
Caulaincourt: diplomate de Napoléon. Préf. Jacques-Olivier Boudon.
[Nouveau Monde éditions] Paris, 2018. in-8. 500 p.-pl. br.
4,850円(税込) 9782369426998
Etude de la carrière diplomatique d'Armand de Caulaincourt, ancien aide de camp de Napoléon. Décrit son action comme ambassadeur à Saint-Pétersbourg à partir de 1807, son opposition à la campagne de Russie, mais aussi les négociations qu'il a menées à la tête du ministère des Relations extérieures (1813-1814) jusqu'à son retrait de la vie politique en 1815.

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