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A Cultural History of Money.
Vol. 1, A Cultural History of Money in Antiquity (2500 BCE-500 CE). ed. Stefan Krmnicek.
Vol. 2, A Cultural History of Money in the Medieval Age (500-1400). ed. Rory Naismith.
Vol. 3, A Cultural History of Money in the Renaissance (1400-1680). ed. Stephen Deng.
Vol. 4, A Cultural History of Money in the Age of Enlightenment (1680-1820). ed. Christine Desan.
Vol. 5, A Cultural History of Money in the Age of Empire (1820-1920). ed. Federico Neiburg.
Vol. 6, A Cultural History of Money in the Modern Age (1920-present). ed. Taylor C. Nelms.
MAURER, Bill (ed.):
 The Cultural Histories Series
 London, Feb. 2019. 6 vol. in-8. ca 1680 p. ill. Bibliogr. Index. hard.
¥ 91,850(税込)
 “Money is a matter of functions four: a medium, a measure, a standard, a store.” But money is always a medium of communication too, whether about price or about political conviction and authority, fealty, desire, or disdain.

In a work that spans 4,500 years, 54 experts chart across six volumes how money has made "the world go round" and capture money's complexities in both substance and form. Individual volume editors ensure the cohesion of the whole and, to make it as easy as possible to use, chapter titles are identical across each of the volumes. This gives the choice of reading about a specific period in one of the volumes, or following a theme across history by reading the relevant chapter in each of the six.

Themes (and chapter titles) are: Money and its Technologies; Money and its Ideas; Money, Ritual, and Religion; Money and the Everyday; Money, Art, and Representation; Money and its Interpretation; Money and the Issues of the Age

The total extent of the pack is approximately 1,680 pages. Each volume opens with a Series Preface, an Introduction, and Notes on Contributors and concludes with Notes, Bibliography, and an Index.

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