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Populism and the Crisis of Democracy. 3 vol.
FITZIM, Gregor, TURNER, Bryan S. & MACKERT, Jurgen (ed.):
 London, 2018. 3 vol. in-8. 656 p. ill. hard.
¥ 70,000(税込)
 Table of Contents
Volume 1

Introduction: Is There Such a Thing as Populism?, Jürgen Mackert

Part I: Conceptual Debate

1. Populism as a Conceptual Problem, Cathérine Colliot-Thélène

2. Why Populism?, Rogers Brubaker

3. Populism: An Ideal-Typical Assessment, Gregor Fitzi

4. How to Define Populism? Reflections on A Contested Concept and Its (Mis)Use in the Social Sciences, Cristóbal Rovira Kaltwasser

5. Populism and ‘Unpolitics’, Paul Taggart

Part II: Theoretical Approaches

6. ‘We the People’: Liberal and Organic Populism, and the Politics of Social Closure, Jürgen Mackert

7. Past Is Prologue: Electoral Events of Spring 2012 and the Old ‘New’ Nationalism in Post-Security Europe, Mabel Berezin

8. The Coterminous Rise of Right-Wing Populism and Superfluous Populations, David A. Snow and Colin Bernatzky

9. Toward A Strategy for Integrating the Study of Social Movement and Populist Party Mobilisation, John D. McCarthy

Volume 2

Introduction: Political Populism as A Symptom of the Great Transformation of Democracy, Gregor Fitzi

Part I: Language, Media and the Law

1. The Micro-Politics of Right-Wing Populism, Ruth Wodak

2. Populism 2.0, Social Media and the False Allure of ‘Unmediated’ Representation, Benjamin Moffitt

3. From Protecting Individual Rights to Protecting the Public: The Changing Parameters of Populist-Driven Criminal Law and Penal Policy, John Pratt and Michelle Miao

Part II: Dimensions of Right-Wing Populism

4. Right-Wing Populism in Context: A Historical and Systematic Perspective, Dieter Rucht

5. Populism and the Radical Right in Europe: The Paradigmatic Case of the French Front National, Dietmar Loch

6. Ambivalences of Cosmopolitanisms, Elites and Far-Right Populisms in Twenty-First Century Europe,Ulrike M. Vieten

Part III: Regimes, Party Systems, and Political Subjects

7. The Role of Populist Parties and Movements in Transitions to Hybrid Regimes in Europe, Klaus Bachmann

8. Populism as a Challenge for Party Systems: A Comparison Between Italy and Spain, Roberto Biorcio

9. ‘Citizens’ or ‘People’? Competing Meanings of the Political Subject in Latin America, Jenny Pearce

Volume 3

Introduction: Demography, Democracy and Right-Wing Populism, Bryan S. Turner

Part I: Populism and Migration

1. Populist’s Representation of The People in The Italian Ius Soli Political Debate: The Lega Nord and the Movimento Cinque Stelle, Giorgia Bulli

2. The Migration Crisis Between Populism and Post-Democracy, Giovanna Campani

3. Immigration and Populist Political Strategies: The Swiss Case in European Perspective, Gianni D’Amato and Didier Ruedin

Part II: Populism and Gender

4. Autochthonic Populism, Everyday Bordering and the Construction of ‘The Migrant’, Nira Yuval-Davis

5. Right-Wing Western and Islamic Populism: Reconsidering Justice, Democracy, and Equity, Haideh Moghissi

6. ʻGender(Ed) Nationalismʼ of the Populist Radical Right – An Extreme Typicality, Leila Hadj-Abdou

7. Non-Western New Populism: Religion, Masculinity and Violence in the East, Joshua M. Roose

Part III: Populism and Religion

8. ‘Abendland in Christian Hands’: Religion and Populism in Contemporary European Politics, Rosario Forlenza

9. The AKP and the New Politics of the Social: Fragile Citizenship, Authoritarian Populism and Paternalist Family Policies, Zafer Yilmaz

10. Trump, Religion and Populism, Bryan S. Turner

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