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The Pre-Christian Religions of the North. Research and Reception, Vol. 2, From c. 1830 to the present.
ROSS, Margaret Clunies (ed.):
 Turnhout, Dec. 2018. in-8. 650 p. ill. Index. hard.
¥ 23,400(税込)
 Table of Contents
List of Illustrations
Abbreviations for Volume II
The Contributors
Introduction to Volume II — MARGARET CLUNIES ROSS

Part 1 The Later Grundtvig

1.1 N. F. S. Grundtvig’s Use of Norse Mythology (1815-72) and its Aftermath — FLEMMING LUNDGREEN-NIELSEN

Part 2 The Influence of Cultural Milieu on the European Reception

2.1 Germany 1650-1860 — CHRISTINA LEE
2.2 Finns, Sámi and Swedes — THOMAS A. DUBOIS
Part 3 Studies of Norse Myth and Religion in the Nineteenth Century

3.1 The Character of the New, Comparative Scholarship — MARGARET CLUNIES ROSS
3.2 The Nineteenth-Century Emergence of Religionswissenschaft and its Impact on the study of the pre-Christian Religions of the North — BERNHARD MAIER
3.3 The Heavenly Mountains of Asia: Old Norse Religion and Comparative Religion — ANNETTE LASSEN
3.4 The Comparative Study of Celtic and Nordic Religions — BERNHARD MAIER
3.5 Nordic, Germanic, German: Jacob Grimm and the German Appropriation of Old Norse Religion and Myth — SIMON HALINK
3.6 The Rise of Folklore Studies — JOHN LINDOW

Part 4 The Influence of Old Norse Myth on Music in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

4.1 Wagner, the Ring and its influence — EDWARD HAYMES
4.2 Scandinavian Myths in Nineteenth-century Opera and Choral Music — BARBARA EICHNER
4.3 The Music of Jón Leifs — FLORIAN HEESCH

Part 5 The Reception in Theatre and Performance

5.1 Theatre and Performance (1830-2012) — TERRY GUNNELL AND SVEIN EINARSSON

Part 6 The Reception in Literature

6.1.1 Literary Modernism and Old Norse Myth — KATJA SCHULZ
6.1.2 Old Norse myth in James Joyce’s Finnegans Wake CHRISTOPHER BLACK
6.2 Old Norse Mythology in Anglophone Fantasy and Science Fiction from 1940 — RANDI ELDEVIK
6.3.1 Norse Medievalism in Children’s Literature in English — DAVID CLARK
6.3.2 Norse Mythology in Nordic Children’s Literature 1970-2012 — ANNE-KARI SKARDHAMAR

Part 7 The Reception in Mass Culture

7.1 Nordic Gods and Popular Culture — JÓN KARL HELGASON

Part 8 The Reception in Modern and Contemporary Art

8.1 Norse Myths in the Visual Arts of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries: A Short Catalogue Raisonné — SARAH TIMME

Part 9 The Role of the pre-Christian Religions of the North in Modern National, Political and Religious Movements

9.1 Old Norse Mythology and Heroic Legend in Politics, Ideology and Propaganda — JULIA ZERNACK
9.2 Germanic Neopaganism — STEFANIE VON SCHNURBEIN

Part 10 Modern Scholarship and Research as Reception

10.1 On the Concept of ‘Germanic’ Religion and Myth — JULIA ZERNACK
10.2 Philological Studies of Nordic Religion from Árni Magnússon until Today — ANNETTE LASSEN
10.3 The Social Turn: The pre-Christian Religions of the North in the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries — MARGARET CLUNIES ROSS
10.4 Pre-Christian Religions of the North: The Reception Now — MARGARET CLUNIES ROSS
Index of Authors, Artists and Works

Index of Concepts

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